Niwaki – spread structure pruning

        Those who already know my book « La taille japonaise en pratique » published by Souffle d’Or Editions in February 2010 and reissued in February 2012 (only in French for the moment but soon in English – forthcoming !), easily remember this topic, a big-leafed boxwood (buxus sempervirens var. rotondifolia), which can be found on pages 64 to 67.

niwaki japanese pruning zen garden japanese gardens japanese tools for gardening

This topic has now worked for four years. At the time I have started the structure pruning…

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Dry garden – Karesansui – setting stones

        Ishi wo taten koto or setting stones like the famous Japanese gardeners … An ancient practice of great aesthetic and spiritual power that characterizes the act of creating a garden, which is based on old rules and in particular the teachings of Sakutei-ki.

zen garden japanese gardens karesansui setting stones dry garden

Today, we will follow the design and construction of one of these stone compositions, here mid-raked sand, which …

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VIDEO – Ready for the structure pruning of an authentic niwaki ?

        You thirst for authenticity ? If you have ever wanted to create a beautiful and authentic niwaki, this video is exclusively for you …!

The Japanese pruning, the niwaki, begins to be known in the West, and with its development, we find ourselves faced with a bit of everything and anything.

In this video, you will not only learn how to recognize a true niwaki by a simple look, but also why you can not do without the Japanese pruning, in the future, in your garden !

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Niwaki – Spherical shrubs of “tamamono” shape

        Spherical shrubs with densified vegetation play a very important role in the Japanese garden. Arriving just behind the mineral, rocks, they provide with them the structure. Remaining green, they are made with varieties of evergreen, usually with azaleas, but also with yews, boxwoods, charcoals, cherry laurels, junipers …

Niwaki Japanese pruning Hortitherapy Meditation Magazine Zen garden Japanese gardens Japanese tools for gardening

Combined with other elements, they…

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Free VIP area – Videos, sketches, pictures and articles on Japanese gardens and niwaki

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Articles, pictures, explanatory sketches and videos. Just for you!

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See you soon !

        The school of Japanese pruning and Japanese gardens design “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” is growing …
Frederique Dumas presents you its new website – in English …!
Following a growing demand, courses and internships of Japanese pruning (niwaki) and Japanese garden creating will now be offered in English language, for the moment only on the “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” School site in France.

Later, they will also be organized and planned, once a year, in England, the United States, Canada and Australia. We are working to prepare you the best.

Please, express your interest.

niwaki japanese pruning japanese gardens zen garden japanese tools for gardening courses

N.B : Perhaps, with some language mistakes … but made from my heart !

Fukushima – It is finally time to act…!

        Within Niwaki and Co, we are obviously particularly concerned with all aspects about Japan and its people, this archipelago of thousand beauties … And since March 2011, we are closely following the unfolding situation. We have even kept the study tour JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR 2011 as a support for the Japanese people.

But now the threat does not stop at the limits of these islands and extends to all mankind ! Measures must be taken quickly ! And only increased public pressure seems to be able to force the Japanese government, very anxious not to lose face, to take these measures.

So, I wish here introduce you to the work of Akio Matsumura, a renowned diplomat who devoted his life to building bridges between government, business and spiritual leaders for the cause of world peace. He is the founder and General Secretary of the World Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders for human survival, with many conferences held at Oxford, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto, and Konya. And he thinks it is most useful to inform the public about the crisis that we face.

Akio Matsumura’s website

And I wish to bring in the same time, in all humility and in the measure of my ability, my support for his action …

Here is the original video (Mars 2012)…

It is finally time to act !

I also want to inform you that we defer the JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR in November 2013, and it will evolve into SPIRITUAL JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR, an initiatory study tour conducted in consciousness, associated with a work on oneself. All this in the hope deep within our hearts, that by then, the need has been done … by love for Life !