NIWASHI’S TANTRUM – Spread the word … common copy kills creativity !

        What was my surprise when I fell last night by fate, throwing a look here and there on the Internet, on a common copy – to a slight variation, of my last landscaping done six months earlier ! (But, does fate really exist …?) And in this case, it is obviously not a beginner who copies technically his teacher, where copying the bases are part of the stages of progression of a student.

It is really a shame for these people that they have not grasped the notion of greatness – which is measured by the mark that is left in the lives of others – through the expression of their own style, honest communication, and respect for others and for oneself.
It is always sad to see most people continue to choose the path of ease and trend phenomena … But, frankly … what real satisfaction can we derive from it?
How sad it is to see them continue to commonly copy what others create ! Ah … If they knew that all the energy and time they spend copying others, they lose them instead of expressing their true authenticity. The vulgar copy, different from inspiration, born of envy, a desire of revenge and reflecting a sterile need to be in the desire of the other, kills their creativity !

So, I will have to put limits, since it must be, this being an act of love for oneself and for others. From now on, I will not put more photos of my landscape creations online, with the views of all … Just the sight of a small detail, indicating that they are finished.
My future achievements will be reserved for my “book” for my current or potential clients and future publications. Other people who want to see them will have to ask me.

The next garden is for this fall. And change is now taking place …!

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