Nature, inspiration, sublimation … the spirit of the Japanese garden

         In view of such a lack of sensitivity, I believe that I will never repeat it enough … Limiting oneself to the form, this is understand nothing about the Japanese garden … Focusing on the purchase of a lantern or a basin, this is miss its spirit … Densifying vegetation on a branch upward, this is grasp nothing about the essence of Japanese pruning …

The real Japanese garden is nature imagined and sublimated by the hand of human !

Course of Japanese garden creation - Waterfall and stream - Frederique Dumas -

After learning about technique, aesthetics and philosophy, nature will be your first source of inspiration. It is simply and purely energy, the latter will then be born by running the mountain and the craggy rocks, patiently and lovingly covered with lichens and moss, discovering a cascade at the turn of a path, by treading upon the mossy soil of a wet undergrowth loaded with humus scent in the middle of the ferns, playing hide and seek with the rays of the sun through a cascading pine branch overhanging your point of view … And not in sitting in front of your television or watching Facebook for hours !

In the case of a cascade and its stream, for example, nature does not stack the stones regularly, nor according to their size or shape. These are only human considerations and constructions …

The quality of your creations in Japanese garden will be determined by your ability to create or recreate natural arrangements. As long as one detects your hand, even in spite of the finest materials, as above, you will only be on the way …

And as a teacher, my goal is to take you to excellence. This type of creation is now also available through a new course at Academy “Sublime SUKIYA”, with an additional level of application difficulty.

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