Chabana 茶花

        The art of provoking emotion in front of the simple beauty, natural, even raw. To succeed in generating elegance and refinement through rustic materials, patinated by the wear and tear of time … It is Japan that I love, which enthousiasms me !

All those who are interested at least a little bit in Japan are familiar with the ikebana, a traditional floral arrangement. However, there is another, born of the first, but which evolved into a less formal and much simpler style, the chabana. The first kanji 茶 means “tea” and the second 花 “flower”. It was used by the first tea masters, certainly developed by Sen no Rikyū himself, and over time it became the standard of the floral arrangement for the tea ceremony, deposited with delicacy in the tokonoma to delight the guests.

It is characterized by an arrangement of simple seasonal flowers – very important, the respect of the season for the concept of wabi-sabi – coming from the garden, nearby fields, an undergrowth… in a vase usually made of a natural material such as bamboo, metal or ceramic. This art is of such simplicity that it often happens that a single flower is used.

This pleases me so much and arouses so many emotions in me that I began to practice !

I give you my first stammers……

Chabana - Niwaki and japanese gardens - Frederique Dumas


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