Tsuboniwa – Go to the light – 光に向かって行く – Hikari ni mukatte iku

“Follow our heart and be ready to live by inspiration. This is the only way to get out of our belief systems and to be receptive to new ideas, perspectives, alternatives … So, we give ourselves the chance to become a clear channel through which the new can deploy, to go from darkness to light…” – Frédérique DUMAS

        This week, creation of a new tsuboniwa at the “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” Academy, with a trainee from Alsace, this time in the frame of hortitherapy – Niwatherapy©…

With infinite pleasure, once again, I have taught the art of the garden following the ancient writings of the Sakutei-ki, energy principles of fusui, as well as concepts specific to the Japanese landscape aesthetics… A moment of fulfillment out of the ordinary, likely mutual, given the feedback I have been fortunate to have…

“The circle represents the universe, the center represents the Self. It’s like a hologram, the circle and the center being interchangeable and with equal significance. I am the universe, just like I am a part of the universe.”

It was voluntarily created on the theme of a path towards the light, or how to abandon repetitions and family patterns, the limiting beliefs and habits, to achieve balance and harmony through unity with oneself …

niwatherapy - japanese gardens- frederique dumas

… and used as a therapeutic medium in order to achieve insights and healings at different levels, thus contributing to the awakening of the creative potential of the person.

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