Learn…. before.

        In terms of Japanese garden, someone told me the other day during an exchange, that feeling things was the most important, that the stones “speak” to us…

Yes, of course that the sensitivity is important, even essential. But, you have to learn before… You can’t touch the soul of authentic Japanese garden if you don’t learn… I repeat again. All art requires in order, learning, repetition, integration, letting go, self-expression and creation.

Otherwise, stones will “speak” to you and you will “listen” them with your Western culture !

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NB. I also want to do a little aside for all those who ask me how to do or who to turn to go to learn in Japan … I spent a lot of time, energy and money to learn over there and create my network, so I think you will reach easily to understand that I want to keep it for me – we have not to give EVERYTHING in life ! And I still spend a lot today, to make a bridge between these both cultures about Japanese garden, simply because I have natural tendencies for it. Then, know to enjoy!

Do not believe that learning in Japan is simple … During an apprenticeship as a disciple, during a long time, you are a part of the “little hands”. You even pay for it. For example, I have an acquaintance, a Westerner living in Japan, who spent two months of internship at a bonsai master in Tokyo to make handling and cleaning !

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