The vulgar copy kills creativity !

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        There are few years, a landscape of the region, talented on basis, had come to me so that I help him to awaken and express their art through courses of hortitherapy. He began his career as a gardener thirty years before in a garden which reached some reputation today, and a few years later created his landscape business …

As with all my students, and by all the tools at my disposal, I tried to teach the greatness to this person – greatness is measured by the mark which is leaved in the lives of others – through the expression of his own style, honest and open communication, and respect for others and oneself. I even had to go up to set limits, this being an act of love for oneself and for others. But in vain…

It is always sad for a therapist to see some people continue to choose the dark path of manipulation and fashion phenomena in unconscious order certainly (or maybe not quite …), but real, of seeking to revenge !
How sad to see them continue to vulgarly copy what others create!

It is unfortunate that these people do not understand that as long as they seek revenge on others, they take revenge itself. All the energy and the time they spend to copy others, they lose instead of expressing their true authenticity. The vulgar copy, born of envy and translating a sterile need to be in the desire of the other, kills creativity !

A lesson more! That of letting go … because I can just inspire, simply accompany … This is not belong to me, everyone makes his own choices … the path of the dark or of the light.

NB: It is obvious that I do not speak in this article about a beginner who copy technically that his teacher teachs him… Copying bases are among the stages of a student progression.

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