Japan 2015 – Day 5

         I take my bike this morning with a small wind blowing by North. Ooh, it is cold !

And today, the gifts serie continues. Passing through an alley, I recognize an antique store where I had seen last year, a pretty little cast lantern to suspend or tsuri-tourou. Not purchased outright, and several times after that, I regretted it … Unexpectedly, I dare, I ask and, amazement, my famous lantern is still there. And I had just the sum necessary for its purchase in the bag! A big inner smile, a wink. No doubt ! In fact, she was waiting for me …

Emboldened with this experience, I decide to go to the flea market which takes place every 25th of the month, and again, I am blessed. I wanted an antique Kurawa and I find it on the third stand, not to mention cast hooks for hanging the lantern on a rooftop ledge. A pair of small monkeys and a pair of small lizards … Too cute! I feel that my suitcase will miss of lightness …

I can’t show you my purchases here, too well packaged for their future long fly, but here are some pictures to give you an idea …

japon 2015-18



Then, I will eat again in an ancient machiya, which specializes in making soba noodles since 1700. Sure, they were delicious … A view as paradise for lunch, right?


Then I am going to another machiya of a very great antique shop where I got an appointment to photograph THE tsuboniwa, a sublime creation with an ancient Korean lantern. And to end the day, I’ll walk in the Gion district, where each time I discover new wonders.




I do not get bored !

A little break and I’ll see you in two days for the start of the JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR 2015 !

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