Japan 2015 – Day 4

         A weather always kind to this fourth day in Kyoto. I start the day with a rare gem, a building and its gardens that are a subtle blend of styles shoin and sukiya, a place that was for so long the crossroads of arts, culture and beauty, filled with the rustling of geisha kimonos …

japon 2015-13.1

Then, I continue by a small machiya and its garden, created by my garden master SANO San, specialist of tsuboniwa, to film it and present you soon on the e-learning platform of JAPANESE GARDEN INSTITUTE.

japon 2015-14

Then comes the time to eat … and I choose a beautiful old restaurant with exceptional tsuboniwa, a chaniwa with its teahouse before which meanders a small singing stream. On the menu, chakaiseki


To end the day, I venture in an old machiya expert in the making of elegant fans, and try my luck to ask permission to photograph their many tsuboniwa. And again, a meeting like no other! Not only the owner agrees with a large smile, but she carefuls to moisten the gardens or uchimizu, to obtain a better colors contrast. Then she also invited me to drink a nice foaming matcha tea and made me promise to come visit her for my next stay in Kyoto.


japon 2015-17

What gifts! Really, the universe fulfills me!


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