Japan 2015 – Day 1

         After many adventures on my flight which do not have much interest, finally here I am in Kyoto. 17° already at 7 a.m. this first day, 26° maximum and provided clear day! It changes me! I feel I’ll rent me a bike to go beauty hunting !

This year, my goal is the old Kyoto, its craftsmen, machiya … and tsuboniwa to fall backwards…

I start my journey by the textile district and a small jewel of refinement, all full of wabi sabi. I totter and my heart races …!


Then, I have the chance to meet the great photographer Katsuhiko MIZUNO, author of several books about Kyoto gardens. What joy !


The tour of another machiya, that of a great silk kimono artist Kyo-Yuzen inspired by the Edo period, with pieces of around 3 millions of yen !


And I ended the day by an old desire to acquire. A magnificent rain chain – I am always amazed at the quality – which obviously take place in one of the tsuboniwa of Shizen no sei Garden.

kusari doi 4

See you tomorrow !

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  1. I hope you will be as enthousiastic as I was when travelling there… Have a great time, enjoy the beauty and show us some photos please.

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