Wood traditional Japanese fence
sugi itahei 杉板塀

        Here are the finished fence of our second tsuboniwa and its small degoushi 出格子, in our new place in Green Ardeche !



It is a truly traditional fence, authentic Japanese design, sugi itahei 杉板塀 type. Only the raw material is slightly different, because in France, we don’t have sugi wooden planks… As usual, so we had to adapt a little !

From the hot weather ended and fall coming (for a perfect plant regrowth), we will can begin the creation of the garden. For now, I collect the materials and take care of the natural granit stones of sukiya style and already all imprinted of wabi-sabi, at random of my walks, meetings, research, etc.

Graceful projected shadows to wait …


Rendez-vous end of September for the next part !


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