The healer garden …
Creation of therapeutic Japanese gardens

        As a human being, nature does not belong to us, we make only a part. It is essential for our life and for our survival ! It is increasingly urgent that we become aware, as to continue to exploit, to loot and destroy it, we run to our ruin.

In the universe of garden – a space so if essential to our health and our well-being – that is the Japanese garden, the one that excites me, which wants its purest reflection. This is far from a simple arrangement of rocks decorated with a basin, a lantern and some formed trees, unfortunately, as many believe. It was born and reached the epitome of beauty, from a desire to live in harmony with nature, to communicate, to commune with it. The beauty of nature enhanced by the hand and imagination of human.

Since 2006, I have created the “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” School, who recently became an academy, simply because unlike a school where one delivers you just specialized courses, an academy is a place where one comes to train the practice of art.

And then, for few years, face some demand and coming fulfilled a long-standing desire, I also create gardens, small spaces, the tsuboniwa, not exceeding 20m². These are typical Japanese gardens, not “cliché” gardens as can be seen more often, but small intimate places, traditional and authentic gardens, authenticity is a key aspect for me. And now, for those who wish, this landscaping creation will consist in construction of therapeutic gardens.

You can come learning and creating this garden at the “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” Academy, I can coach you on site or I can create it for you, but in all cases, the work that we will make together upstream of its construction will lead to the creation of a therapeutic garden, which among others, by the shapes, colors, species used … will become a space that suits you uniquely and participate in achieving a balance, to maintain your health, but also physical healings, emotional and spiritual. p>

I am and stay at your disposal for any questions… You have a project en ce sens ? Rendez-vous on my website of landscaping creation JARDINS Plenitude ZEN. Contact me.

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  1. Es ist dir sehr gut gelungen, du hast ein gutes Auge für Details und verstehst es, diese für den Betrachter heraus zu arbeiten. Es erinnert mich gerade an eine Geschichte aus dem ZEN. Wo ein Samurai die Vielfalt einer Blumenwiese seines Nachbarn bewunderte. Eines Tages lies der Nachbar nur noch eine Blume stehen, um das Wesentliche, dass einzelne Element hervor zu heben. In gewissem Sinne, ist deine Vorgehensweise dem sehr ähnlich.

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