The school of Japanese pruning and Japanese gardens design “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” is become an Academy and has moved in a beautiful place, the Green Ardeche, in nature…
So, I presents you its website – with its relooking …!
Following a growing demand, courses and internships of Japanese pruning (niwaki) and Japanese gardens creating are now offered in English language, for the moment only on the “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” Academy site in France.

Later, they will also be organized and planned, once a year, in England, the United States, Canada and Australia, or everywhere you want. We are working to prepare you the best.

Please, express your interest.

For the moment, you can also profit of a travel or holidays in France to stay in one of our guestrooms, visit our niwaki nursery or Japanese gardens…

new website


  1. Sito raccomandato agli appassionati dell’arte della potatura giapponese ( niwaki ) e dei giardini jap !

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