The transparent Japanese pruning – Sukashi sentei 透かし剪定

         There are two distinct types in authentic Japanese pruning, niwaki with densified foliage pads and those with transparent vegetation.

The niwaki are supposed to represent mature trees that are found in natural landscapes, firsts rather take place in a sunny garden, with dry areas and mineral like karesansui, as an arid plain or a steep mountain landscape…


The seconds take place in the shade gardens where trees, competing for light, will growth in a more diaphanous way.

transparency pruning

It is important to note that the new trends in the field of landscape in Japan are more and more about this second type of pruning, this last probably aspiring to more lightness, not only stopping to deciduous but also extending to evergreen.

Here is an example of this transparent Japanese pruning on a palmatum dissectum maple. You can see all the beneficial effect of this pruning (left-without/right-with), practiced in this case for six years, revealing the beauty of the tree …


To learn these techniques, a course is already offered in “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” Academy and others are under consideration. Hope to see you there soon…!

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