Tsuboniwa – Chiisana takebayashi 小さな竹林

        Our first tsuboniwa is finally finished. A “small bamboo grove” or Chiisana takebayashi 小さな竹林, green and gold to settle on the dark brown bark fence, on a bed of moss and ferns, associated with a very sleek and graphic set of Japanese horsetail, at middle of an arrangement of rocks and gravel while full of wabi-sabi.



I live in a nature where each gap is colonized by moss and ferns…


… and where sedum coexist with them.


Sans titre-02


  1. Сколько тишины и спокойствия !
    Конечно, с любовью создано, ШЕДЕВР ! ТЫ ГЕНИЙ !

  2. I like the beauty of the rocks, yes they are beautiful, and that you can see each leaf. The simplicity is pleasing!

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