Tsuboniwa first creation in the Shizen no sei Garden – Part 1

        Now that niwaki nursery and everything necessary for the conduct of courses are re-installed, the creation on other plans can begin…

And given the topography of the place, a succession of old walls of granite stones, corners and nooks, I will can satisfy my passion, creation and building of tsuboniwa, my favorite Japanese gardens, little spaces yet so suggestive…

The first of them, selected for one of these future creations, is exposed in full sun most of the day. Then, it is a partially dried creation that will collect all the votes.

First, we must prepare the ground … An old preformed pond, pierced at the bottom, that was already on the site will advantageously take the place of anti-rhizome barrier for the bamboo.

The area is fully dug, as the holes to build the sealing concrete blocks of posts for the future fence with typical Japanese design.

Now, the area is ready for the next step, the making and setting up of bamboo and bark fence with typical Japanese design.

A big and warm THANK YOU to Pierre for his participation.

The next step very soon !

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