Mae-niwa 前庭 – small welcome garden

        This week, creation of a new tsuboniwa at the Academy “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” with a trainee come from the Martinique, this time in the setting of quantum hortitherapy – Niwakitherapy© …

With an infinite pleasure, once again, I have taught the art of the garden following the ancient writings of the Sakutei-ki, energy principles of fuusui, as well as concepts specific to the Japanese landscape aesthetics… A moment of fulfillment out of the ordinary, for me as for her, given the feedback I have been fortunate to have…

This tiny spot of greenery between heaven and earth is obviously a tsuboniwa, but especially a mae-niwa 前庭 or welcome garden. Given its very small size, one could also describe as a koniwa

mae-niwa 2

… and used as a therapeutic medium in order to achieve insights and healings at different levels, thus contributing to the awakening of the creative potential of the person.


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