Do you prefer a Japanese pruning…

… or a chainsaw massacre ?

         Some people sometimes make me notice that the Japanese pruning seems to have something cruel …

This sensation or feeling is in fact the result of a misconception or an anthropomorphism confused with metaphor and symbolism.
Instead, the Japanese pruning is born of a deep respect for nature and a desire to reveal it in all its beauty. In a confined space such as a Japanese garden, the niwaki creating returns the tireless work of the elements and animals, which patiently shape and sculpt the trees in the universal garden that is the nature itself.


Or many believe that the Japanese have fun pruning every tree present in a garden just for a perverse pleasure in control. It is a prejudice. In order to a garden retains its beauty, there is still a minimum of control to be exercised so that each plant element can keep this in due proportions, otherwise we quickly becomes overwhelmed and the garden does not look like anything …

By cons, I can only be shocked when I find myself faced with such a mess, which, it must be admitted, is commonplace … The head of the trees was simply sawed .. !

massacre 4

Rather than a day, after the neighborhood constraints or other, be forced to reach that end, guide a tree growth with patience, love and respect is a more responsible behavior… Don’t you think ?!


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