The so-called “pros” of niwaki – Stop the mess !


        Teach the art of niwaki is also show what it is certainly not !

I am appalled about I discovered on the canvas, or one sends me by e-mail … or others. You have examples below. All these so-called professionals and experts of niwaki who take pruning of mature subjects ! STOP the mess !

A niwaki is a tree that represents aged subjects that can be admired in nature … Those who did not understand it, did not understand Japanese pruning !

Do you see in nature, literally peeled trees on almost all of their branches (several meters) with a small tuft of vegetation at the end of each of them …! But how can we be so careless, so insensitive to the beauty of nature around ourselves when choosing this profession, to not realize that … A tree that would look like this in nature would simply dying … !!!


And on an old tree in a garden where the centrifugal mortality is too high, instead of choosing a pruning with a densified vegetation, it’s better to choose a transparent pruning or sukashi sentei.

When made a such stupid thing on an aged subject, except for some rare varieties that are able to bud again on the old wood, it is irreparable ! And when it can be, it takes years !


And this poor chamaecyparis nana gracilis ! When we think that this variety only growths one or two centimeters per year !

massacre 3

So please, before you say that you are a “specialist” in Japanese pruning, and jump on your pruning secateurs and saw, turn things over in your head !

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