Japanese traditional fence in bark and bamboo
Sugi kawahei 杉皮塀

        Working of our yard in outdoor slowed by the weather (and other of my activities with deadlines … to serve you better !), but moves forward anyway. Here is the front of the fence of our first tsuboniwa in our new place in Green Ardeche, finally over!

palissade bambou

This is a real traditional fence, with an authentic Japanese design, of kind sugi kawahei 杉 皮 塀 . Only the raw material is slightly different, because unfortunately in France, we do not have sugi bark panels … So we needed to adapt a little !

It will still to coat the back with bamboo strips … and then we will can start the creation of the garden. For now, I collect the materials and the finest natural stone of sukiya style and already all imprinted of wabi-sabi, at random of my walks, meetings, research, etc.

See you soon for more !

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