Japanese pruning complete course in support – hortitherapy

        Here began on November 3rd … and go for five weeks !

cursus complet taille japonaise hortitherapie

This complete course in Japanese pruning (11 different courses associated with 11 major themes of our lives) is for all those who dream of creating their own work, in Japanese pruning, or in any other field, provided they have an interest in the culture of niwaki. The same can also and of course be undertaken in the creation of Japanese gardens.


Only undertake trainings in relation to this activity is not enough to succeed. Although it is hard to accept, it is. Educate himself is not enough, because like everyone else, you are inhabited by fears and doubts, blockages, limiting beliefs, unproductive habits … And as long as you do not have conscience, they will prevent you to progress !

But there is good news! I can give you the means to change this !

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