Shizen no sei garden 2014

        Through my various trainings, all life experiences and observations, was born the desire to provide a place in France and special moments around the world, where finding ways to reconnect to the original relationship with nature, the only true source of happiness and inner peace.

Take a few days to you, or enjoy an extended vacation time to come and immerse yourself in this beautiful place, and so similar to the Kyoto region by its topography, geology, vegetation and climate. Come stay with us, visit our gardens, our niwaki nursery, like a simple visitor, or participate in one or more of our courses about niwaki or Japanese gardens creating.

I go regularly to Japan to visit nurseries, meet some specialist professionals, discover more and more of the methods and the philosophy about Japanese pruning and landscaping of Japanese gardens, to practice more and more with my teachers, nursery man and garden master.

All this is obviously an essential choice to understand and integrate this art is a true way, a life path to excel and gain well-being and inner tranquility. A whole philosophy of life. The garden is a daily study and never stops, but is it not the goal ? The interest is in the way, not the result. Practice, practice and practice again …

And I wish of course, make you enjoy.

(Here is the video link in case if your browser does not display its insertion.)


  1. So very happy for all the incredible work Frédérique is doing! This new project looks just so amazing!!! Can´t wait to see that japanese garden project you have for you new home and school !!!

  2. This is an incredible garden — thank you so much for sharing it — we should all be so fortunate to find this kind of passion — I love it!

  3. Good idea. An on line pruning school. Novel.

    Your video suggests visiting your place in France. But where is it? France is a big place.

    I am not planning on visiting France anytime soon, but I would like to put a visit to your gardens on the list.

    Finally, I had emailed you wondering if you have any pictures or names of gardens where I can see a Hibiscus pruned in the Japanese style. There should be some in Okinawa or even further north. I have a garden in Key West, FL. Mostly Palms (sorry no pruning for palms). But a formal Hibiscus – just one – would be nice.

    Frank W Smith

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