Nursery of “Shizen no sei” garden

pepinière jardin shinzen no sei niwaki pre-niwaki mercurol frederique dumas

        I take advantage of a small summer respite to reorganize the nursery of the Garden “Shizen no sei”.
So on one side, all the pre-niwaki in formation for sale in the short, medium or long term, and the other all niwaki sorted by species and level of evolution, study support for students.
Just 132 trees … I’m having these biceps at the end of the summer !!! POPEYE …!

I wish to inform you that these pre-niwaki can now be delivered to you wherever you want. Shipping fees will supplement the cost of the tree and will vary depending on the distance, ease of routing, size and weight of the tree. Thank you to contact me first.
To discover them

pepinière jardin shinzen no sei niwaki pre-niwaki talencieux frederique dumas

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