Tsuboniwa and Cambogia touch

        This week, the Academy “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” and me have welcome a trainee from China, wishing to follow “setting stones” and “creating tsuboniwa” courses.

With infinite pleasure, once again, I have taught the art of the garden following the ancient writings of the Sakutei-ki, energy principles of fusui, as well as concepts specific to the Japanese landscape aesthetics… A moment of fulfillment out of the ordinary, for me as for her, given the feedback I have been fortunate to have…

tsuboniwa jardins japonais sakutei-ki yotsume-gaki gogan nobedan

We have incorporated therein, among others, a naturel basin of mizubachi type, a bamboo fence of yotsume-gaki type,an arrangement of stones of gogan type at the edge of a metaphorical stream … and a sou no nobedan.

(Here is the video link in case if your browser does not display its insertion.)

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Finally, a small and subtle orange Cambogia touch was given to all through a daylily. The orange color represents boldness, radiation, intelligence, loyalty, warmth, trust and distrust at a time. Confidence in life that always brings us what we need at the perfect time, and distrust in the obstacles that sometimes come to bar our way … A message that reaches us, as usual, always timely … !

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