E.learning plateform – Japanese garden institute

        JAPANESE GARDEN INSTITUTE website that is already hosting study tours in Japan (exclusively technical and aesthetic JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR or also as initiatory journey SPIRITUAL JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR) and will soon host the e.learning platform and internships abroad, is getting a beauty!

This e.learning platform will offer over time, in French and English (and then other languages), a multitude of quality information on the art of Japanese garden and Japanese pruning, and others also affecting this art close.

This e.learning platform will ask for an annual fee for entrance, a very small amount (about 20$USD, 23$CAD or $AUD, 13£), which gives you the opportunity to join the “NIWAKI inspiration ZEN” School community. It will give you access to viewing many videos on Japanese gardens, authentic, made ​​in Japan or elsewhere, webinars Japanese professional … and many other things.

In addition, there will also be offered for purchase training videos on demand, about 70 minutes on the design of Japanese gardens (tsuboniwa, chaniwa, tsukubai, tobi-ishi, nobedan, take-gaki, sukiyamon, taki, ogawa, ishi-gaki, … etc.) and the niwaki creation of different styles and species.

These videos will exist WITH or WITHOUT interactivity. This means in the first case, you will have the opportunity to be accompanied by the support of an experienced teacher (through photos, videos, skype …) throughout your learning without limits of time, choosing the video WITH interactivity.

Here already the site address : www.japanese-garden-institute.com. But it is currently under construction and renovation.

This e.learning platform will be implemented during the second half of 2014. So I say to you very soon !


  1. Can’t wait for the e-learning platform to be working !!! Great job Frédérique ! It is nice to see your effort to keep up with modernity and reaching out to the world to keep on teaching such knowledge and beauty ! Thank you !

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