Internship of tsuboniwa creating

        Last week, has taken place at the School Niwaki Inspiration ZEN in the Garden “Shizen no sei tei-en”, the first course of the year dedicated to the achievement of a genuine tsuboniwa, like these created by the famous Japanese gardeners, always with the same principle … The essence of the nature rendered in a smaller space !

As always, this training is based on ancient rules with lots of method and structure, including lessons of Sakutei-ki, energy principles of Fusui and specific concepts to the Japanese landscape aesthetics … The lower lantern of yukimi type was deliberately chosen, so that its light comes to “be reflected” in the water of the stream flowing metaphorically around the strip of land covered with moss.

And as usual, only happiness …!

There is a short walk full of magic!

(Here is the video link in case if your browser does not display its insertion.)

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