NIWAKI … or nothing !

        By this post, I wish to inform you today that I give up from now on and definitely in my teaching what little remained already related to the “clouds” pruning.

This pruning is only a Japanese inspiration pruning, IT IS NOT the true Japanese pruning.

niwaki true japanese pruning

I want to devote myself today and only teach the true, authentic niwaki cultivation. It is important to me that you cease to be misleading and for that to return you the information as it was transmitted to me at the source by Japanese professionals, to provide you the original and intact knowledge.

niwaki true japanese pruning

The first step will therefore the abandonment of the word “cloud”, which is certainly very poetic, but a total Western invention, as one encounters the case for the “Zen” garden, a term that does not exist either in Japan, nor for the Japanese, or in the landscape environment.

STOP to the approximate, dilute, overworked … and YES to the authenticity !

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