Internship of creation of small Japanese garden – Tsuboniwa

      By this weekend, the school “Niwaki Inspiration ZEN”, in the Garden “Shizen no sei tei-en”, has hosted its first student, arrived from Switzerland, passionate for Japanese gardens and teacher of visual arts, to create a genuine tsuboniwa, like the famous Japanese gardeners … the essence of nature in a smaller space …

Japanese garden Meditation Zen garden Tsuboniwa

Japanese garden Meditation Zen garden Tsuboniwa

Building with a lot of method and structure on ancient rules, including the teachings of Sakutei-ki, the principles of energy of Fusui, concepts specific to the Japanese aesthetic landscape, Catherine has achieved a form of perfection, without its destructive side (instead of enjoying the beauty of the whole and the magic that it creates, it is likely that the “pros” of ideograms are going to notice only that the basin is positioned upside down … Oops, it’s true there is nothing worse in life!), with extraordinary fluidity, that she doubted to reach.

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I want to share with you the intense pleasure that I have felt to provide this training to create a small Japanese garden, the tsuboniwa. Here is a moment of pure beauty in pictures …

And to all those who wish to join us, I tell “See you next year” …


  1. I am living in Brooklyn, NY. I would love to do an intership to learn to make a tsuboniwa garden. Where can I find something like this to do?

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