1. Hi Frederique,
    Will it go on sale at your place?
    I always keep very good memories of my internship at Mercurol. And I continue to study Japanese garden. Someone here in Holland has contacted me to create a small Japanese garden. Good success for all and congratulations for what you’ve successfulled to date.

  2. Hi Hans,
    In response to your request, yes, there will of course be available from me on my web sites…
    And thank you Hans for your appreciation ! I never forget my trainees, but the first !!! The memory remains intact, especially with the pruning session of this magnificent pine and time of meditation in nature.

  3. Hello Frederique,

    is your book available in English? Please let me know the price. I like your videos on youtube.

    Best regards

  4. Hi Carsten,
    I hope, and normally, it will be available in 2014.
    I will register you in my e-mailing list (only few mails by year), and I will tell you when it will be ready.
    I can’t tell you the price for the moment.
    To give you an idea, in French, it costs 27€.
    Best regards

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