JAPAN, my Love!

         I wish to express here all my compassion and my desire to support the Japanese people, hit in recent days by the huge of tsunami disaster.

Within NIWAKI and Co, we are gone immediately in search of news about the health of our Japanese friends, and we are pleased to present their testimony, among other things, of our guide/interpreter in the JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR :

        « This sudden earthquake that has devastated a quarter of Japanese territory, is a power of 1.78 times larger than the case of Kobe in 1995.
The force of nature is impressive, and we will know soon more sensitive results of the disaster at the human level. Many people stay home tonight, in the cold, in areas where gas and electricity are cut off. Blessed are those who can still walk through the night to their weakened home and family.
I thank you wholeheartedly for your kind words, your genuine concerns. Your warm thoughts for this piece of land, will allow its residents to live and overcome with courage all the subsequent consequences of the disaster.
A thousand thank you. Yukiko »

and of our supplier of tools for NIWAKI and NIWASHI, located about 60kms from the impact point and which we had no news since the quake.

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        « Thank you for your concern. We have experienced the rolling of the great earthquake, but fortunately we haven’t had no damage, nor for our health, nor for our company. Electricity was cut for about 2 days. The city of the Pacific Coast by cons is totally destroyed by the tsunami. A big thank you. Yasuhito. »

We wish them a lot of courage and all of our thoughts are with them.

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