Trainings program and intellectual property

         In light of recent events, I want to draw your attention today, to the fact that the trainings program, taught in France at the Ecole NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN and soon on other continents, is an exclusive creation of Frederique Dumas at the international level, nurtured over 25 years of study and practice of landscape, trees pruning and education, finalized during these last four years in Japan. This trainings program doesn’t exist anywhere else, it doesn’t also exist in the Japanese islands. Only available techniques and styles.

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        Any attempt to offer them by another person, even aura of any notoriety, can only be a pure act of copying, which can be as low quality and subject to the laws of Intellectual Property.

        The profession of teacher (as for therapist) can not be improvised. It is necessary to have the fiber and require certain qualities and training and experience bases, that can not be invented. When a person decides to teach, only by competition and so as not to be outdone in relation to the neighbor, she lures and loses sight of her mission! How the service could it be quality?!

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