The nobility of a handmade tool

        To have a soul, it is essential that an object has sprouted in the imagination of a person, but not only. It is also necessary that he has taken birth in his hands … The moving work of them of all materials.

A mechanical, stereotyped, industrial work provides only lifeless objects. Only handicrafts, handmade are works of art, precious objects. Only when there is a wonderful idea, a high-quality craftsmanship that we reach the pinnacle of human creativity. A definition of luxury. Enrich his life by the beauty, rarity, unique…

Our Japanese tools are handmade by the shokunin – the Japanese craftsmen – and fed on a millennial experience in garden design and steel work, allowing them to represent the ultimate in quality, finesse and precision of tooling. Each piece is UNIQUE.

Imagine the feelings of pleasure and safety, luxury and refinement, associated with high technology giving them a lightness and ease of use unmatched… These beautiful art works are imbued of all the authenticity of Japan.

* In photo, a specialized secateur in the pruning of fruit trees (cherry, apricot, plum and apple)

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