The school of Japanese pruning and Japanese gardens design “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” is growing …
Frederique Dumas presents you its new website – in English …!
Following a growing demand, courses and internships of Japanese pruning (niwaki) and Japanese garden creating will now be offered in English language, for the moment only on the “NIWAKI Inspiration ZEN” School site in France.

Later, they will also be organized and planned, once a year, in England, the United States, Canada and Australia. We are working to prepare you the best.

Please, express your interest.

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N.B : Perhaps, with some language mistakes … but made from my heart !

Fukushima – It is finally time to act…!

        Within Niwaki and Co, we are obviously particularly concerned with all aspects about Japan and its people, this archipelago of thousand beauties … And since March 2011, we are closely following the unfolding situation. We have even kept the study tour JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR 2011 as a support for the Japanese people.

But now the threat does not stop at the limits of these islands and extends to all mankind ! Measures must be taken quickly ! And only increased public pressure seems to be able to force the Japanese government, very anxious not to lose face, to take these measures.

So, I wish here introduce you to the work of Akio Matsumura, a renowned diplomat who devoted his life to building bridges between government, business and spiritual leaders for the cause of world peace. He is the founder and General Secretary of the World Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders for human survival, with many conferences held at Oxford, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto, and Konya. And he thinks it is most useful to inform the public about the crisis that we face.

Akio Matsumura’s website

And I wish to bring in the same time, in all humility and in the measure of my ability, my support for his action …

Here is the original video (Mars 2012)…

It is finally time to act !

I also want to inform you that we defer the JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR in November 2013, and it will evolve into SPIRITUAL JAPAN NIWAKI TOUR, an initiatory study tour conducted in consciousness, associated with a work on oneself. All this in the hope deep within our hearts, that by then, the need has been done … by love for Life !

Video “Japanese garden or power of nature”

        The Japanese garden, whether made ​​in Japan or elsewhere, is a metaphor of our relationship with nature.
The creative possibilities extend to infinity, but all require us to cultivate our thoughts away from the materialistic world, to understand more deeply that we are inseparable from nature.
It is essential to our lives, improving our health and participating in the raising of our consciousness. It becomes a wonderful support in the context of art therapy and specifically hortitherapy (and in this case in ©niwakitherapy). It is urgent that we take care …!

Here is the video link.

Therapeutic japanese garden - Niwatherapy© - Niwaki and japanese gardens - Frederique Dumas www.japanese-garden-institute.com www.frederique-dumas.com

Japanese gardens – Ilex crenata niwaki – Decline

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        Many people contact me or my students tell, “I do not understand, I have installed a beautiful crenate holly niwaki (Ilex crenata) in my garden, it had bright green and glossy leaves, I take care of it and it starts to die anyway. I have a “cloud” that … “

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